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​ ​If you want Better Advertising, Better Results, and a Better Bottom Line... 

Note: We don't want to be your ad agency - that could make us too partial to our own creations, just as ad people often are. We can serve you best by being honest, focused on increasing your sales, and impartial.

Product / Service Review   Objective, invaluable input 
  In one way or another, every firm is missing valuable opportunities.

  • Take advantage of new insights coming from a fresh perspective.  
  • Let us show you easy-to-add improvements.
  • Learn about natural ways to increase revenue and /or lower costs.

    Contact us to discuss which of your products or services to improve first.

Ad Critiques  Count on Better Group to Improve Your Advertising

C. NATIONWIDE   $9,995

Nationwide consumer surveys and analysis. A survey of 400 respondents (20 in each of 20 US states coast-to-coast). Their reactions to your advertising materials and answers to custom questions will give you actionable data based on a large sample size. Just $9,995 for input from 400 respondents spread over 20 states.


State-by-state consumer surveys and analysis. A survey of 20 respondents per state in the US state(s) of your choice. They will discretely be shown your current or prospective advertising and asked focused questions. Their responses will be reported in detail and summarized for you.  Just $595 per state.

In this vastly-changed media market and advertising landscape, we show clients how to stop wasting money on ads that are flawed...

  • Poorly written - typos 
  • Wrongly targeted
  • Missing key information
  • Confusing - Pointless​ 
  • Poor choices of color, fonts or images
  • Or just plain INEFFECTIVE


This Executive review of your ad materials by experienced consultants leads to a custom report with specific recommendations about your ads.  It costs just $295 for a review of 5 ads (any formats) and should pay for itself quickly in better results.  We know from years of experience you will find our report and recommendations very helpful.